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New hydroponic system not so full of hot air



July 7, 2017

Image Credit: Photoponics

A new hydroponics system designed by a British engineer aims to make hydroponics more accessible to growers.

Adam Dixon, founder of start up company, Photoponics, graduated from Cardiff University with an engineering degree and an idea to transform hydroponic technology.

As a student he saw the potential for an easy, cheap and ready-to-roll-out system of growing food that didn’t require arable land, could save water and massively increase crop yields.

His inflatable grow bags were the result and the design has attracted the attention of investors and farmers alike.

Unlike existing hydroponic kits Adam’s design eliminates the need for benches in hydroponic set ups, reducing time and the cost of getting them up and running, by replacing them with long bags that can be inflated onsite to get growing almost instantly.

With hydroponics already a growing market due to its increased harvest yields, less water and land use, the Photoponics design has wide applicability.

See more on their website.


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