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Oxygen Park – new Doha public space



August 19, 2017

Oxygen Park, Doha, Qatar Foundation, Education City, AECOM. Photo Markus Elblaus

Oxygen Park – a new public green space in Qatar offering a refreshing respite from the desert environment.

Inspired by oxygen, the designers AECOM have created a public park that provides outdoor exercise facilities, integrated with rest and play areas. The man-made ‘green lung’ developed by the Qatar Foundation is intended to support community health and wellbeing with a range of sporting facilities and opportunities for outdoor social engagement.

The design reflects the geography of the region – wind eroded rocks and fluid land formations of the desert. The path and running tracks are embedded in the topography to create a training ground with looping tracks, cooled tunnel segments, and steep hills – an antidote to indoor gyms that connects runners with nature. The refreshing water features add to this connection, while the lighting allows for evening sports and work-outs during cooler hours of the day.

Oxygen Park also features subterranean pitches for team sports, equestrian facilities, and for the non-sporting minded there are recreation areas with a series of soundscape-filled, refreshing folly spheres, sensory garden and play areas. The ‘balloon lights’ floating above the subterranean grounds make the park visible from a distance and add a touch of magic to the setting.


Source: v2com

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