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Pollination: New floral display at The Calyx



September 9, 2017

Pollination is the new floral display at The Calyx opening on Friday, 15 September 2017 at the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney.

Curated by the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney’s horticultural team, the display will feature a collection of plants and flowers that showcase the role colour plays in nature’s magnificent act of pollination – the colour of love!

Large topiary Blue-banded Bees will be a highlight, along with the expansive and impressive “green” wall featuring a pollination themed display of words, plants and flowers. Elements will be grouped together by colour to reflect pollinator attraction, with the types of flowers on display changing throughout the ten-month display period as seasons and availability change.

In the plant world, colour is the essential ingredient for pollination, which is the act of transferring pollen grains from the male anther of a flower to the female stigma, to allow fertilisation and the production of seeds. Pollination will explore how pollen can be dispersed by wind, water and animals such as insects, birds and bats. Light interpretive information will accompany the display indicating methods of pollination and key features used to attract pollinators.

A new program of events will include tours (day and night), creative workshops, science and educational events, and family fun with ‘Butterflies up Close’, a butterfly enclosure on The Calyx Island, where children can enter and be surrounded by butterflies and find out what their role is in pollination.

CLICK HERE for further details about Pollination. Entry is free, with gold coin donations going to the Foundation and Friends of the Garden to support the Garden’s scientific, conservation and education works.

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