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Care for a black walnut?

Mary Gray

Mary Gray

October 16, 2017

“Care for a black walnut?” I’ve got plenty, with plenty still to come. I also have a nifty nut collector made by the folks at Garden Weasel. What a treat to discover a yard device that requires no engine and makes no noise, that is so simply designed and yet works beautifully.

Plenty of black walnuts

Plenty still to come

Nifty nut collector


Just roll it along the ground and the nuts become trapped in the wire cage.  To release them you push a doohickey on the handle (like when you squeeze out a mop) that spreads the wires so the nuts can fall out again.  The only trouble is that there SO MANY NUTS and collectively they are very heavy.  A plastic trash can should only be filled about a quarter full; otherwise, there is risk of it busting wide open as it’s dragged (ask me how I know).


Still, I never tire of this canopy:


And there are some other pleasant distractions from the tyranny of the black walnut trees.  Some toad lily and sedum:


The Winterberry holly never disappoints:


Bottlebrush Buckeye fruit:


Some white wood aster:


This gold plant, now fading…what the heck is it?  Not goldenrod, not Golden Alexander, not Golden Groundsel, but Gold something. Shoot, I can’t remember!


This cute little bottle gentian that I nearly ripped out over the summer thinking it was a weed:


A Japanese combo ­— bloodgrass and anemone:


Blackberry lily:


This year’s crown jewel — a Red Abissynian Banana.  I adore it so much! The leaves are insane!


This lantana and bloodgrass was a good combo:



This lantana was so exuberant this year that it shaded out my herbs:


Elephant ear and celosia refusing to back down in the face of autumn:


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