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Nature artist



October 13, 2018

Nature, and all its beauty,  is at the heart of the work of self-taught artist, Murray Ulan. Studies in horticulture and biology have also clearly influenced his sculptural work.


Murray has always loved creating things with wood, wire, stone, copper and clay, using a variety of new and recycled materials.

Surrounded by art from an early age with both parents artists and architects, Murray has lived in various parts of Australia and has explored and studied the landscape.



A highlight of his work is the ability to aptly illustrate some of Australia’s most majestic and iconic trees in wire.

Each crevice and scar in the bark; each twist in the tree branch is painstakingly depicted in copper.


Ultimus Stans 2016. Image Steve Cuff


These sculptures celebrate the beauty and intricacy of nature. Through his work, Murray is able to show the equilibrium between the foliage and the root system of the tree, an image that is not often portrayed.

As a self-described lapsed biologist, Murray constructs his work from memory rather than reality.

See artworks by Murray and other artists at the Artisans in the Garden Exhibition at the Royal Botanic Garden, Sydney.


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