Anthony Tesselaar

About Anthony Tesselaar

Anthony travels throughout the world on the lookout for distinctively different plants and new ideas. He wants to make it easy for people to garden by selecting plants that are easy care and environmentally friendly, as the benefits of gardening in health and happiness to both individuals and whole communities is enormous. One of his favourite quotes is, "Life is simple, WE make it complicated" and he loves to see through those complications to simple, beautiful outcomes. Anthony Tesselaar Plants

Garden colour hit

SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder – is exactly that. When winter skies hang low, we start to feel a little dreary. But gardeners instinctively know what to do. We head into the garden to potter around and turn our faces to the winter sun. We also crave and look for colour in the garden.

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How to beat colour anxiety – white it out

Quite often I have someone admit to me that they suffer from what I’d call ‘garden colour anxiety’. They’ll take me into their confidence and whisper that trying to work out a colour scheme for their garden makes them as anxious as a visit to the dentist. Which is sad because mucking around with anything garden-related is surely meant to be fun? Continue reading