Plants Management Australia

About Plants Management Australia

Plants Management Australia is an Australian based licensing and marketing company which manages the protection and introduction of new plant varieties across the globe. PMA represents the interests of independent breeders, providing professional management for new varieties and quality, transparent service.

Hydrangeas – nanna, or not?

Hydrangeas are making a comeback at the moment and the sight of them may prompt you to reminisce that ‘my nanna always had hydrangeas!” Many people equate them with plants their grandmother grew – there’s just something about the flower heads that remind us of old-fashioned powder puffs and those hydrangeas that grew along the shady side of the old house. Continue reading

Plant royalty, The Princess Lavender

The longstanding lavender breeding program by Victorian plant breeders PGA (Plant Growers Australia) has had great success. With a number of lavender collections under their belt, and worldwide success of many varieties, they are certainly the Australian authority when it comes to lavender breeding. Plant breeding programs can often take years to come to fruition with a new selection that offers something with real merit. Sourcing new and varied genetics in itself can be a challenge, and that’s even before the breeding starts. Continue reading

Australian lavender breeds success

Lavenders are a garden staple in many parts of the world, with Australia being no exception. One Australian lavender breeding program in particular is enjoying great success both at home and on the world stage, successfully taking on the European and American marketplaces. Plant Growers Australia (PGA), based in Victoria, are one of the country’s premier wholesale plant growers. PGA has a rich history in plant breeding and are renowned for launching innovative ornamental varieties onto the market. Continue reading

Kaleidoscopic colour

Abelias are popular ornamental shrubs that often provide a blaze of colour through summer. This genus is named in honour of Dr Clarke Abel (1780-1826) who corresponded with the English botanist Sir Joseph Banks and served with the British embassy in China where he worked on many naturalist observations. Abel was a surgeon by profession but also achieved fame in botanical and geological circles. It’s always great to learn something new about plant names, the history of how something obtained its name is often as fascinating as the plant itself. Continue reading

Breeder creates a garden fantasy

Behind every new plant variety released onto the market usually lies years of experience. Many breeders work for decade’s just on one the genus, sourcing new genetics and crossing plants to try and find just the right balance of desired characteristics. They might be searching for a new flower colour, a better habit or a longer flowering period. Continue reading