Sandy Lim

About Sandy Lim

I'm a maker of things, online and off. It's all for the love of the craft, and a desire to make something that people can feel good about engaging with, whether it's a website, walk in the park, hat or herb garden. I'm interested in projects that are fun to work on, have lots to learn about, and contribute positively to the community.

Grow native bush tucker in your backyard

‘Bushfood’ refers to native Australian flora and fauna, traditionally used in Aboriginal food and medicine. Long before early settlers arrived, bringing with them a slew of new plants and animals, Aboriginal Australians would hunt, forage and farm a variety of species that had already existed here for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Continue reading

Terrariums – how to have a garden when you can’t have a garden

I love terrariums. In creating these tiny worlds, the possibilities are endless. Well, except for the possibility of creating a giant world. That’s part of the allure of these little beauties, I think — the ability to maintain a ‘whole’ garden at a darling scale. If managing a house full of indoor plants still proves too much, there’s always the magic and charm of the terrarium garden. Continue reading

Say hello to the Redlove apple

There’s a new apple in the Aussie backyard. With their firm crimson skin and unique red flesh, these “revolutionary” beauties from Switzerland have already taken root across Europe, the UK and North America. And now, in 2017, they’re available for the first time throughout Australia. Continue reading

Cyril Jackson ArtsHouse and community garden

Something new is happening in one of Western Australia’s oldest suburbs. From its idyllic suburban home on the Cyril Jackson Senior Campus grounds, the ArtsHouse is a new creative space in Bassendean, Perth, aimed at connecting students and the community with artists of all kinds. Continue reading

Can new technology change the way we garden?

In a previous life, I worked as a programmer. My world was technology. It’s only in the last few years that I’ve found my way into the natural world. The change was sudden and overwhelming, and I made many mental leaps to reconcile being a ‘plants person’ as well as a ‘tech person’.
Continue reading

The many faces of Benjamin Fig

The Benjamin fig (Ficus benjamina) is one of my favourite plants. Before I knew what it was, I’d have many moments where I’d walk into a new place and think, “Oh, it’s that tree again!” It was just about everywhere and in a variety of settings – in waiting rooms, gardens, doorways; plonked near my desk at work. Continue reading

How to design and plant a garden for cats

Cats and humans have a long history together. For thousands of years, cats have provided both companionship and pest extermination services to humans in return for affection and food. In some cases, a lot of affection and food. When I look at my relationship with my cats, I’m convinced they domesticated me. Continue reading