Steve Garland

About Steve Garland

Steve is a Landscape Designer based in Sydney, Australia. He has been designing and building gardens professionally for over thirty years. Steve has a Master of Landscape Architecture, a Certificate of Horticulture and a Bachelor of Arts in the History and Philosophy of Science. He is a member of the Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers, and was awarded by them for his design of a primary school learning garden. His work has been published in several magazines, including Australian Horticulture, Backyard & Garden Design Ideas, Waterwise Gardens, and Green Garden & Home magazines. Steve presented a paper at a Healthy Cities conference on 'Creating Relaxing and Enjoyable Landscapes' and has recently completed a book on ‘Designing Gardens for Wellbeing’. He is also an accomplished sculptor. Steve specialises in creating environments that are relaxing and foster well-being, especially for children and those with special needs. Steve Garland Landscapes