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Award-winning garden journalist, blogger and photographer; writer for garden magazines and co-author of 'Waterwise Gardening'; landscape designer turned landscape design judge; selector for Open Gardens Australia; compulsive networker and lover of generally putting fingers in lots of pies. Particularly mud pies. Creator, curator and editor of GardenDrum. Sydney, NSW.

USA honey bee colony loss rises

Bees on Angelica flowers. Image

USA – despite a surging national interest in honey bee health, new statistics from the Bee Informed Partnership and the Apiary Inspectors of America show that there was an increase in honey bee colony losses from April 2014 to April 2015, with nationally 42.1% of colonies lost. Continue reading

Image by 6 dumb ways to be injured in the garden

I have done all of these dumb things. I’ve hurt my back, cut my hand, dinged my head, scraped my shins and generally given myself a beating. For a vaguely sentient being, I surprise even myself at my ability to make stupid decisions that result in injury while I’m gardening. Fortunately they’ve never involved succumbing to tetanus as well, but I’m sure it’s only the good immunity I have from vaccination to thank for that. Continue reading

Image by MIFGS: tiny student gardens with big ideas

Student gardens at MIFGS (the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show) are always a highlight for me. Designed by institute and uni students, hopefully before the conventions of the landscape industry and client expectations stifle some of their creative juices, it’s always a pleasure to wander down the Avenue of Achievable Gardens. It’s also good to see Debco continuing to be a major sponsor of this area (along with NGIV and Lysaght) as these are our stars of the future. Continue reading

Image by How to build a CURVED gabion wall

RECTILINEAR” he said. “Maybe you haven’t noticed but the basic premise of a welded mesh gabion wall is that it’s made from rectilinear components”.
“Yes, but what if they were all curved?”, I persisted. “Wouldn’t that look amazing? All those chunky textures but in lovely circles and sinuous curves…..?” Continue reading

Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens Tropical Centre’s last days

Can you see it? Sydney's new 'SHDA'

Can you see it? Sydney’s new ‘SHDA’

Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens is gearing up for its 200th birthday next year and it’s going to be HUGE. Think everything from flower-shaped fireworks on NYE through to an artwork to rival Christo’s wrapping of Little Bay on to a new horticultural display centre opening in June 2016. Yes, the old Tropical Centre is about to bite the dust. Continue reading

Quietude MIFGS 2015. Design Cycas Landscape Design and Lisa Ellis Gardens. Photo patrick redmond photography 3 Melbourne’s Best in Show 2015?

‘Quietude’, a design collaboration, won Best in Show at the 2015 Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show. But was it really the best?

It’s not common for designers to work together on a show garden and especially for it to also win a Gold Medal and Best in Show. Lisa Ellis (Lisa Elilis Gardens) and Mark Browning (Cycas Landscape Design) came together to create ‘Quietude‘, with Mark taking on the hard landscaping, and Lisa using her magic on the planting design. Where the dividing line was in the overall design, I’m not sure. Continue reading

Devastation from NSW 10/50 clearing laws

Stop the Chop - Before and After tree clearing

The devastation of Sydney’s tree canopy lumbers on with hundreds of trees being felled every month because of flawed State laws. The tree clearing is supposed to mitigate bushfire risk but is usually more about not wanting leaf litter mess, misplaced fear, and creating views. The property above removed 10 trees and adjoining properties removed a further 15 trees. Continue reading

MONA - unsigned - and tennis court Review: MONA – it lost me at the gate

As we left the internationally acclaimed Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Hobart, Tasmania, Tony said “Well that’s 2 hours of my life I’ll never get back“. What went wrong? I’d arrived at MONA with high expectations (in truth, more than he had) and recommendations from friends who had loved their visit. But I think that MONA has some serious flaws, starting with site layout, signage and landscape design. Continue reading

Is microwaved water harmful to plants?


Can watering plants with water that’s been microwave-boiled, then cooled, kill them? I was recently alerted to this silly myth doing the rounds on the internet when explaining to a young acquaintance why I prefer to microwave-cook my vegies. So it seems it’s still duping people with its apparent ‘scientific’ evidence, so here’s a bit of my own debunking. Continue reading