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Sydney gardener and award-winning garden journalist and photographer, writer for garden magazines such as Backyard & Garden Design Ideas, Outdoor Design & LIving, and Gardening Australia, co-author of ‘Waterwise Gardening for Australia’. Creator, curator and editor of GardenDrum. Sydney, NSW.

A Midsummer Nights Dream staged in Portland in 2012 Pictured Ty Boice, Kayla Lian, Jenni Putney and Joel Gelman Photo by Patrick Weishampel Remembering Shakespeare

The Great Bard turns 450 today, April 23 (allegedly, as only his baptism on 26 April is recorded) and, with Bard-like symmetry, it was also the day of his death in 1616. More than any other poet or playwright of his time, Shakespeare used plants, gardens and gardening in his works, to set the scene and create hundreds of metaphors that still enrich our language and our lives. Continue reading

Richmond TAFE's winning garden 3 small gardens a landscape challenge

For several years now I have been judging this little landscaping competition. Three of Sydney’s TAFE colleges that teach landscaping, Padstow, Yallah and Richmond (there were four but Ryde now goes its own, independent way) bring in dozens of apprentice landscapers to build three small gardens at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. The results are a little bit about design but mostly about stretching the skills of the students. Continue reading

Jason Cahill - Botanical Traditions one garden 4 ways to build the ‘same’ garden (+1)

place.grow.shift‘, the amazing little show garden from AILDM at last week’s Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (MIFGS 2014) was one of the most innovative display gardens we’ve seen in recent years. But it’s not just a display, as these modular design ideas are perfect for those with limited space, those on a budget, and especially those who rent rather than own their garden space. Continue reading

Finding Inner Peace - styling detail Student show gardens, MIFGS 2014

The student gardens at the┬áMelbourne International Flower and Garden Show always feel so fresh, maybe because they are not constrained by reputation. Although small, these gardens are not without their own difficulties and constraints and those students who take on the challenge are both brave and, I think, the smart ones of their industry. They know that they will learn a huge amount about the realities of constructing their design dreams. So if you want to find a new designer with energy, talent and business acumen, then here’s your list. Continue reading

Carolyn Blackman What’s hot & what’s not – MIFGS 2014

The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (known to many as MIFGS) is a great place to see what’s trending in landscape design. Sometimes it’s more clear what’s no longer in vogue than what is a developing trend, but here’s a roundup of what was evident in the larger show gardens in 2014. Continue reading

GardenDrum WINS!

HMAA Laurels

GardenDrum has WON its first big-time award! The Horticultural Media Association of Australia has awarded GardenDrum its Website Laurel in a glam and glitzy ceremony in Melbourne last Tuesday. Continue reading