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About Catherine Stewart

Award-winning garden journalist, blogger and photographer; writer for garden magazines and co-author of ‘Waterwise Gardening’; landscape designer turned landscape design judge; selector for Open Gardens Australia; compulsive networker and lover of generally putting fingers in lots of pies. Particularly mud pies. Creator, curator and editor of GardenDrum. Sydney, NSW.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Singapore Garden Festival Gold winners

The Singapore Garden Festival is in full swing and there are some amazing gardens to see. This biennial festival is big, with about 300,000 visitors (roughly twice that of the Chelsea Flower Show) showing the huge popularity of gardening in tropical Asia, even in places where most people can only dream of having their own garden. Continue reading

AILDM-Awards-2014-Winner-Category-3-Residential-over150000-Secret-Gardens Australian landscape design awards 2014

AILDM, the Australian Institute of Landscape Designers and Managers, has announced its annual awards for residential and commercial landscape design, plantscape and landscape management. AILDM always puts together a great awards night with impressive projects on display, inspiring discussion, and plenty of laughter. Continue reading

Dora teaches your kids rubbish – about gardening

Magic Grow Dust

Have you young kids you’d like to teach about gardening? Here’s a tip – DON’T entertain them with this catchy little game from Dora the Explorer where a seed + water + something called ‘magic grow dust‘ (sounds like something you bought by the gram in the 1970s) makes them sprout instantly into a fully grown (and harvestable) plant. Is this the gardening message we want to pass on? Continue reading