Jamie Sargeant – sculptor in metal and stone. NSW, Australia

Jamie Sargeant started work as a stone carver in England in the 1980s. He was assistant to David Kindersley in Cambridge for 4 years learning lettering and heraldic carving. Jamie then went on to practice architectural restoration and carving working on historical buildings in the UK and Ireland before setting up his own workshop with 3 other colleagues. Continue reading

Vicki Mason – contemporary jeweller Melbourne, Australia

Contemporary Melbourne-based jeweller Vicki Mason has been passionate about wearing jewellery since the age of two, and has been making jewels in various forms since she was six or seven. Vicki creates contemporary jewellery with a botanical flavour from metal, textiles and plastics to reflect her love for the forms and textures of the plants she studies closely. Continue reading

Annie Storey – ornamental coppersmith, ACT Australia

My work as an artist began as a painter, a discipline I trained in at the Canberra School of Art. Some of my early work in painting focused on landscape and still life featuring various types of plant form. Later in my career I developed a passion for metal work, especially copper, and the fabrication of plant derived sculptural forms. Continue reading

Kivvyfox – 3D metal wall art. Adelaide, Australia

My partner and I run and small contract cutting business in Adelaide where we use machines such as a water jet cutter and a large router. Most of our work involves cutting for designers, engineers and sign companies. During the time we’ve been running this business, we have become very experienced in working with different materials, and the processes of powdercoating and anodising. Continue reading